Do you need help building a Software Application?

Innovate and build web applications that power your business.


It all started with a vision

Our founders envisioned a company that would excel in providing pristine software solutions for business houses. Big enough to meet a wide variety of client needs, but small enough to be fast and nimble through a structured and consistent process. Our vision, combined with innovative business expertise, technical proficiency, and exceptional project management skills, is the winning combination to launch SolTech.

By Treating each and every client as a partner, we work together throughout the process to understand your business and create a solution that best suits your needs.

Our Values

What makes us a Global choice?


We encourage our team members to push the boundaries of “what we’ve always done” because we can’t get to the next phase without thinking creatively. Different perspectives lead to innovative ideas, as well as team bonding, both of which we believe make a great team and lead to finding the best solution.


We are ambitious and always seeking opportunities to iterate on great ideas. Experience and expertise drive us to try new things, embrace change, and trust in the guidance of our leadership and teammates to lead us to worthy challenges.

Trust & Accountability

We are a team of leaders with incredible knowledge to share amongst our team. We encourage independent thought, but also seeking feedback and help from others when necessary. We’re on a mission to succeed collectively, which means we need each other to get there.


There’s no one-size-fits-all and we ensure you develop products tailored to your business

Web Application Development

Whether you’re replacing a legacy system or developing a new enterprise application, we can create a custom software solution that best suits your business.

Mobile App Development

From mobile strategy to launching your app on an app store, we make it easy to bring mobility to your organization with the rise in usage and competition.

Software Architecture & Design

Clarify your ideas and translate them into the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of your future application with a unique solution, future technology blueprint

Application Support & Maintenance

If your project is at a challenging crossroads, or if you need maintenance of a mission-critical application, we help you get back on track and provide peace of mind.

Cloud Migration & Support

Select and configure the right cloud infrastructure for your business and outsource your cloud infrastructure monitoring and support.

User Experience Design

Merge user thought and software design into a single process from early proof-of-concept prototyping all the way to complete product delivery.